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What is HTTP Injector?

HTTP Injector is a professional VPN tool that combines multiple protocol and tunneling technologies into one app to allow you to browse the Internet privately and securely.

The best thing is that you can use this software to set up your own server and connect to it.

HTTP Injector Configuration:
(Use HTTP Injector Version 5.6.4)


What is KPN Tunnel?

Continually project for KPN Tunnel (Official) with more experimentation and new fresh lightweight style project.

For a higher performance core and a more lightweight style, start from scratch.

The first app uses an SSL/TLS connection to tunnel via a built-in SSH tunnel. (Why? Because, although SSH Tunneling is safe, we believe it is insufficient, therefore we introduced a more secure way using SSL/TLS).

KPN Tunnel Configuration:

What is OpenVPN Connect and what is use?

OpenVPN Connect is OpenVPN, Inc.'s official VPN app for Android. It's an all-in-one client that supports the following OpenVPN products.

OVPN for Android and IOS:

OVPN for Windows and Built-in:

OVPN Account Details:
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